“One of the wonderful things about the world of cannabis and the dedication that thousands of people across the world share is the development of hybrid cannabis strains. Check out the profile of each of the hybrid marijuana strains to find out more. The culture of cannabis is all about new experiences and trying out […]


“Sativa is popular amongst smokers for its energetic, stimulating high. Many people report a ‘head high’ feeling that is well suited to hanging out with friends, visiting the outdoors and working on creative projects, like music or artwork. Sativa was discovered in 1753 by biologist Carl Linnaeus who identified the strain as a unique species. […]


“Indica is the chiller’s bud. Indica high is well renowned for the classic “couch lock“. When you feel like chilling out, Indica will melt your stress away and help you fall asleep easier after a long day. If you want to unwind, Indica is by far your best bet. Indica has more THC than CBD, […]